The European Training and Competence Centre (ETCC) chooses iTEST

The European Training and Competence Centre (ETCC) chooses iTEST

One of the most respected training organisations in the shipping industry has chosen the iTEST assessment system developed by IDESS IT for its main office and crewing agencies around the world.

The European Training and Competence Centre (ETCC) provides specialised training and assessment that underpins the competence of seafarers.

ETCC and IDESS IT have worked closely together to ensure that the iTEST assessment system delivers the specific administrative functions required by ETCC to develop and manage crew competence.

The iTEST platform is unique, and differs significantly from alternatives in the market, being able to provide great flexibility in the selection of questions for each test, thereby securing the integrity of the question databank, and making it adaptable to each client’s assessment strategy. iTEST monitors the history of each question from creation, through each stage of revision, right up to date, allowing for comprehensive auditing of the databank, to assure quality standards are maintained.

Analysis of test results identifies critical knowledge gaps in a clear graphical format, feeding into reports to give comparative summaries and trends.

The system includes its own library of graphics specific to all aspects of ship operations to assist assessors with creating valid and engaging questions, as well as its own app for mobile devices.

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About iTEST Assessment System

is a computer-based testing tool that allows you to measure knowledge against defined standards.

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