IDESS IT POB Personnel On Board Smart Card System

The POB Smart Card System provides a convenient method for tracking personnel movement to and from the vessel and updating the Personnel on Board report.

The system also communicates directly with all the main elements in the HRIS to access crew bio data and records of training and performance assessment.

Work and rest hours can be monitored by the system to provide comprehensive evidence of compliance with MLC 2006.

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Main Features

Log-in using Username / Password or using the Smart Card

Automatic and Manual Synchronization of data

Depart/Transfer from / to Location notification / report.

Generates updated ROTA.

Checks if crew have valid Training Certificates, Passport and Medical requirements.

Generates Resident POB (daily report)

Assigns Crew to Lifeboat and Emergency Response Duty

Assigns Crew to Cabin

Generates muster lists (Primary and Alternative)

Add Visitor (Temporary Pass)

Other features and reports that may be required by the client can be customised and included.